Team USA asks you to make the commitment


Just a few years ago it would have been nearly impossible to get a youth sports organization to even acknowledge the possible validity of the headline of this photo. Now Team USA is LEADING with that statement. That's progress.

Just Tell

Honored to be a part of this project: “Just Tell is thrilled to debut our new Be Your Own Hero video project with the first video made by our dear friend Chris Gavagan of Coached into Silence! Videos made by friends and supporters of JustTell will empower youth to tell someone if they are being sexually abused.”

Project Unbreakable

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It was an honor to be involved with such an important project which has already helped so many.Via  projectunbreakable:
Chris Gavagan is a Brooklyn filmmaker working on a documentary about sexual abuse in sports called “Coached into Silence”. In this documentary, he asked his old coach to be interviewed, pretending the film was more along the lines of honoring him. He confronted this man, who abused him as a child, asking “what he felt about the abuse he caused” while on camera. The quote on the poster, “It’s all about being unembarrassed and unashamed,” was the coach’s response - what I’m assuming as a very guilty, very caught off-guard one. Chris currently travels to film survivors for Coached into Silence. Find more info here.

Photographed in Brooklyn, NY on June 6th.

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