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Team USA asks you to make the commitment


Just a few years ago it would have been nearly impossible to get a youth sports organization to even acknowledge the possible validity of the headline of this photo. Now Team USA is LEADING with that statement. That's progress. www.teamusa.org/stopabuse


This Sunday I will be headed to Colorado Springs to attend the Safe Sport Leadership Conference, hosted by USA Swimming. In addition to taking part in a panel discussion Monday morning, I will have the honor/opportunity/responsibility of giving the keynote (!) address Monday night. Attendees will include leaders from the United States Olympic Committee and Olympic sport National Governing Bodies. I have been preparing the presentation of a lifetime (my lifetime anyway) for two weeks now, and I know that all that I can ever be or bring to any situation is the truest version of me, and I am certain that—if nothing else—it will live up to the Thoreau quote that I posted the other day, “that I will give them a strong dose of myself.”

Given the opportunity to speak to the most influential decision-makers in amateur sports, with many other leaders from national youth serving organizations in attendance…a captive audience for thirty minutes…what would *you* want to say to them? What would *you* need them to know?